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The History of Cat-Eye Frames

Cat-eye frames are one frame that will never go out of style. Their distinctive look and celebrity following have turned them into an elegant style that adds character and flair to any look. No sunglasses collection is complete without a pair of cat-eye frames. They’re one of the most feminine styles you can find, with […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Incredible History of Rectangle Frames

The history of eyewear goes back in time a long way. People first relied on glasses for vision issues but over time realized they could wear them to protect their eyes from the sun as well. After this discovery and wearing the same style of eyewear for a long period of time, different shapes and […]

Celebrating National Sunglasses Day

Summer has arrived in its entire glory, and now it is time to ditch leggings and hitch to the beach. The essence of summer with its sweet perks can only be enjoyed only if one takes immense care of their eyes. Everyone wants to look their best self while out and about, so why not […]