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Plastic Free July: Living Consciously to Reduce Plastic Pollution and Waste

The way we purchase and consume things has changed drastically since the arrival of fast fashion. Most of the fashion items are now made with synthetic materials like plastic and sold at artificially low prices, and we dispose of these items regardless of their conditions once a new trend arrives. We now place less intrinsic […]

Bamboo: an alternative to plastic

Over the years, humans have degraded this beautiful earth by using it as a dumping ground for non-biodegradable waste. Much of this results from an extensively prevailing throwaway culture with no hope of slowing down in the future. The following facts about plastic pollution may show you the right picture of the gravity of the […]

How We Can Make a Difference For World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day on Tuesday 8 June has reminded us that we humans cannot survive without our oceans. These ecosystems are powerful yet fragile, and each year we hope to reflect and inspire other eco-conscious individuals to take another step in supporting the health of our environment and our oceans. There are a great number […]