Celebrating National Sunglasses Day

Summer has arrived in its entire glory, and now it is time to ditch leggings and hitch to the beach. The essence of summer with its sweet perks can only be enjoyed only if one takes immense care of their eyes.

Everyone wants to look their best self while out and about, so why not grab a set of shades and join in the fun of National Sunglasses Day.

Celebrating National Sunglasses Day

National Sunglasses Day is a commemorative event that takes place on June 27th every year to encourage people to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The event is organized by the Vision Council, which promotes eye health awareness by organizing recreational activities and encouraging people to post their selfies while wearing their favorite set of shades.

Look sharp on National Sunglasses Day by posting your pictures with the hashtags #SunglassSelfie or #Nationalsunglassesday and share to social media platforms so that your family and friends can get inspired too.

Why is it Important to Protect your Eyes?

The eyes are the most sensitive and vital organ of our body as they help us in navigating through our day-to-day life, so their protection is paramount. Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet radiations of the sun can affect eye health and vision.

Doctors and eye surgeons worldwide recommend wearing protective eyewear or sunglasses as they help in preventing 90% of eye-related issues. Direct exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to cataracts which is a clouding of the eye lens.

Focusing on the sun for a long time also leads to Ultraviolet Keratitis, which is an eye condition similar to a sunburn that results in temporary loss of vision. For adults being more than 55 years of age, exposure to ultraviolet radiation leads to a condition known as Macular Degeneration also leads to vision loss.

Spending too much time under the sun without wearing any eye protection leads to the development of Surfer’s Eye or Pterygium, which is an unpleasant looking abnormal growth of pink tissue on the white of the eye.

Living a happy and healthy life is a dream of many people; therefore, eye protection is vital to enjoying the essence of life.

Importance of Wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses do more than completing the look of your attire. Wearing sunglasses can work wonders for your eye health as they can:

1. Protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet radiations, which could otherwise lead to cataracts or vision loss.

2. Improve your vision by not having you squint.

3. Make it easier for you to adapt to darkness.

4. Prevents the onset of crows-feet wrinkles that appear at the corners of eyes.

Sunglasses not only provide added protection, but they also make you look attractive. Rock that summer outfit you always wanted to by wearing a matching pair of shades.

If you want to contribute to environmental protection, then consider getting a pair of bamboo sunglasses. The eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses look not only trendy but also possess several benefits.

Bamboo is antibacterial, which prevents the growth of bacteria, so enjoy a perfect vacation to the beach by wearing bamboo sunglasses that protect your face and offer complete protection against ultraviolet rays.

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